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I'm Paloma Rodríguez, Freelance Graphic Designer based in Abegondo, A Coruña (Spain). Graduted in Graphic Design by EASD Pablo Picasso in A Coruña, guided by my passion for art, creativity and visual communication from a very early age. 
I started my path doing the internship in Xaniño studio, working mainly in identity design and advertising graphics ( poster,signage, flyers, stationery...) as well as doing small illustration jobs.
Although the illustration is something that I love since childhood and has always been part of my life, it was not until I finished my studies when I started to see it as an added value to my work as a designer. Realizing the identity, design and illustrations of the first album of the band The Sonic Headlight, I began to be interested in illustration and design within the world of music. From there I have made designs for other music bands and events and cultural institutions.
After finishing my studies I started working with the canine food company Lobo Azul, mainly responsible for the design of labels and catalogs.
A couple of years later I started my path as a freelance taking my first steps in collaboration with the audiovisual studio Ledicia, which allowed me to do both identity design, advertising graphics and start in web design and in turn work on more personal and unique projects with them.
Currently I'm in charge of the web design of the Festival of Contemporary Music and Related Arts RESIS of A Coruña., also working for clients such as the University of A Coruña or Stxners Music, among others.
At the same time, I continue to develop personal illustration and design projects and continuously learn about all aspects of the creative field. I love moving inside areas such as photography, illustration, lettering, printing, screen printing... collaborating with friends and wonderful creatives in projects like Humans Brigade, an art collective of artists and creatives from the north of Spain (mostly Asturias and Galicia or Basque Country) which concept turns around the magnificence of nature that form part of us from the deepest as creatives and as persons.
If you are interested in seeing what's going on my CV, know more about my work, request my services or propose interesting projects, do not hesitate to contact me.
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